Heidi Heisenberg

Heidi Heisenberg Gourmet Elixirs E-Liquids

The Heidi Heisenberg ELiquid range comprises of 26 flavours across 5 categories.

Dripping with Gold by Heidi Heisenberg
Indulge in our luxurious range of dessert flavoured juices, Dripping with Gold.

Fantasy Fruits by Heidi Heisenberg
A range of five mouth watering fruity flavours blended to perfection.

Fetish Experimental by Heidi Heisenberg
A wonderfully experimental range of flavours to get your taste buds tingling.

Fetish Freeze by Heidi Heisenberg
A sub zero range of flavours with a kooling blast.

Sultry Slushes by Heidi Heisenberg
A range of ten mouth watering ice cold slushie flavours.

Showing all 26 results

Showing all 26 results